Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I was watching Channel News Asia and there was a short segment on this event/tradition being celebrated in Australia every January 26, their National Day. I wasn't amused at all. As it was not challenging enough, it was a "dirty" game. =)

The "World Championship Cockroach Racing"!!!

Definitely, it's so not appealing, however, if it's for a good cause then it's "justifiable". For fun & desensitization, I might participate if given the chance. Besides, the proceeds will be donated to charity. Not bad.

Hmmm...pauso rin kaya tayo?

"Abal-Abal (June beetle) Racing"

Are you game?

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm getting more paranoid as each day passes while my tummy’s growing. Definitely my work has a big effect on it. I guess having embraced this field for several yrs has its drawbacks especially now that I'm pregnant, emotionally and intellectually that is.

(*at 15 weeks)

A looooot of questions in mind. Is the baby inside my womb normal? Is he/she healthy? Will the baby have a risk of having Down Syndrome, aneuploidy or any of the genetic rearrangements? Would the baby hold on?

I know it's stupidity, but let's face it, these facts are not impossible. Good if you're a guy coz you won’t have to worry even if everyday you are to process tissue samples from a miscarriage or threatened abortion and exposed to cases with abnormal karyotypes.

In fact, almost all of my past and present colleagues experience this paranoia when infanticipating. Cytogenetics is all to blame and yet we looooove it.

On my 12th wk, I was scheduled to do an OSCAR test but refused on the last minute. Me and Hubi decided not to do this test or any exam for that matter w/c might be able to identify any genetic abnormality. Besides, we shall be keeping the baby whatever the result/s is/are.

More so, being poked a.k.a. amniocentesis is slightly risky. I wouldn’t dare torture myself afterwards by analyzing our own baby's chromosomes noh.

Well, I may be feeling like this, however, I definitely never regretted being fed by my superiors with "the knowledge". =)

Nonetheless, in 2 weeks time, Bunny shall undergo an extensive asessment scan. I'm excited and quite anxious at the same time.

Will update soon.... Que sera sera!

Chromosome Painting

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Superstruck....

...I really am. *sigh*

I just watched "Justice" the latest of Smallville (S6) and was elevated upon seeing the rest of the League. Seeing 5 superheroes, donned in colorful suits, saving the world with Clark Kent (minus Superman 'though) makes me truly eager. Not to mention the pleasing (not necessarily good) looks, the younger version and the more improved depiction of the abilities make the ~45mins all worthwhile. =)

"The Justice League"

(L-R: The Flash, The Green Arrow, Clark, Aquaman, Cyborg)


CK may still be confused abt his "mission"; he'd be able to assimiliate it eventually. Gee! I've never been this interested.

To Episode 12 & beyond!! *woohoo*

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mocha on my Mind

Good news #1: Morning/Evening sickness and its kin have left me for good, HOWEVER, vomitting due to motion sickness is still occasional. I have better sense of smell now unlike the previous months where everything was stale & metallic.

Good news #2: I, too, have bathed my gut with 1% caffeine. Well, sort of. Thanks to Mocha! I know it's alright to drink coffee when preggy. Take it from my Mom who used to drink cups & cups of coffee when she was carrying my brother =) Well, I am just cautious OR only too-too??

I am sometimes tempted 'though but have to shut the urge.
....shift the frequency, take a Test, then imagine.

hmmmm....chocolate!!! =)

You are a Black Coffee

At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable

At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty

You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it

Your caffeine addiction level: high

Couch Patatas

Perhaps I've lost the "blogging touch" or is it because of my status now. It seems as if Bunny had absorbed and drained all my physical abilities, strength and memory ala Rogue. =)
Ay, yah....whatever it is, the factors remain unidentified up to now.

I was assessing the past years I was away from home & I realized I had so much time to pop in front of the tv set. I was able to tune in to either the complete or a few episodes of the following reality shows...

American Idol
Fear Factor
So U Think U Can Dance
America's Next Top Model
The Amazing Race
Cris Angel Mindfreak
The Swan
Trading Places
Beauty and the Geek
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boyfriend
The Bachelor
America's Funniest Home Videos
Project Runway

...not to mention a number of talk shows, other hit series (read: Smallville) and a few local shows. Honestly, I am NOT into the scientific-ish nor medically inclined series like Grey's, CSI, Las Vegas nor House, although I have seen a couple of episodes.

Give me mooooore choices and I would rather prefer My Name is Earl. =)

Maybe I'd been so supersaturated in College or have been exposed to much brouhaha since I started working that such shows have no mind-boggling nor heart-thumping impact on me. Seriously.

In fairness 'though, the gist of such series is truly compelling. Thanks to movie magic. *applause*applause*

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ready? Set?

..earthquakes mishaps warming
............terrorist attacks
..................universal uproar

W H A T N E X T ?

Are we all "FIT" to face the worst?????

"Unusual events start to surround
Man reaps from nature's rebound
He asks himself the Why's
Then succumbs & cries."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Killing Time

Ok, ok...I have not posted anything recently. I guess I am lazy...or I haven't adjusted to Blogger yet. Sometimes I ought to be reminded that Me, Myself and Eileen is still alive and kickin'. I don't even have the energy to blog hop anymore. *sigh* How long shall this persist? No one knows.

But for sure, I am now feeling a whole lot better. Perhaps, I could already shout to the world that I am enjoying my pregnancy. Now that I have survived the 1st trimester, that is.

Bunny's growing fast..faster. And I don't know how many kg I gained for the past weeks. *phew* Really sad whenever I stare at the weighing scale. For Bunny's sake 'though, I will endure everything.

I am happy, I am contented and I have iron deficiency. This was re-confirmed the other day. I've had this long before, however, haven't dealt with it well. Stubborness!! Maybe the dosage was too low for me. =) My O&G prescribed tabs good for 1 month and I have to re-take the blood test afterwards to exclude any form of thalassaemia. only takes a big lump on the tummy before Eileen would heed. *wink*
No need to worry for there is no problem that can't be solved.

There is no space for loneliness in my vocabulary now. I still have 6 months to go to set melancholy aside.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Post-holiday Blues

I'm missing Baguio -- the cool, cool weather, the freedom to stay up late and wake up the next day at 12 noon or past w/o anybody intervening & the absence of an irritating alarm which had willingly rested in peace during my non-working days. By right, it, too, had to consume its day offs. Me & Hubi didn't have much to do then; thus, the laxity. I did nothing but eat, sleep, house hop, play with the huskies plus Tiny, a boston terrier & be merry. I was so pampered & this is the nicest thing bout being pregnant. So get pregnant if I were you!! =) Thanks to everybody back home. *mwah*mwah* Di ko talaga ipagpapalit ang Baguio!!

"Rape! Rape!"
(Husky & Tiny)

The good news is I never experienced the nasty cramps the entire time I was up. I guess Bunny liked the weather so much =) despite the erratic terrain. Not even a slight prick, thank heavens! I only had to survive throwing up every now & then 'though the frequency has begun to wane. "Look Ma, I'm not wasting food anymore." In fact, my appetite is normalizing the extent of gluttony? *wink* Imagine, I was able to eat shawarma, a BIG hamburger sandwich, arroz caldo, "biko" & fruit pie at so very short intervals. *phew* As if I was on death row. But it was really tiring you know.

I know I have sinned for not being able to personally greet or meet up with old, old friends. So sorry. Well, I'm sure they would understand. They're mature enough. =) *fingers crossed* Ok, ok, being preggy is not a valid excuse. The culprit appears to be my closest buddy -- the bed + the comforter and a dash of JuanT. Luckily, I have sent emails before I left. Btw, thanks to those who sent cards by post. A lucky year for you all!!!

Hmmm...I was just wondering what will be in store for Hubi & I this year?? Pakilabas ang bolang kristal, please.. Will it be a boy or a girl?

Deal? or No Deal?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oink! Oink!

I'm back!!!

May we all welcome the Year of the Pig with a loud snort.. =)

"Miss Piggy"

(The Jim Henson Company)
Happy New Year everyone!!