Friday, October 31, 2008


Filipinos are not used to celebrating Halloween. Singaporeans are not used to celebrating it either. It has not been a part of our/ their custom. It's basically Western.

I couldn't even remember a time during our primary years when we would have the opportunity to adorn ourselves with the superhero/superheroine/prince/princess/witch/animal costume we all like. No aping, no imitating. Very traditional a.k.a. barriotic. *kidding*

Why we have not imbibed it?

First, our school's founders are Belgian

Second, it is impossible to trick or treat in my hometown where stray dogs are ubiquitous

Third, you might be mistaken as a trespasser or worst magnanakaw

Fourth, kids of my generation were not obsessed with superheroes and the like. I guess we were more interested with what Lola Basyang's kwento has to offer us

Fifth, we all know as kids that pumpkins are meant to be eaten with sitaw and gata, or mixed with shrimp paste to make pinakbet, and

Lastly, children would rather stay at home, keep their selves warm under a cozy blanket, and FYI, we were required to sleep early.

Lucky for the youngsters now. This celebration has already been incorporated in their school's curriculum. They all get to wear spongebob squarepants *hehe* Anyways...

Oh! my mistake! I guess we all had one celebration when we were forced to wear a costume. It wasn't halloween 'though.

Well, that was during the first(?) streetdance ever held in Baguio. Where we had to dance along Session Road to the tune of Life Dance in our school uniform plus a Japanese parasol and hundreds of people watching and televised pa. Shameful really..

For me it was then like halloween. Ok na siguro if I was to wear a disgusting mask while dancing. At least, di kita ang mukha *wink*

Well that was before, when I was younger. Reminiscing that day, I can happily treasure it inside my biography. It was a first of its kind halloween...errr...experience.


an artwork ek-ek @ The Esplanade

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Beach

We've been planning for ages to bring Kimi to the beach, however, the rain has been hindering us from going. We wanted to accustom him to the environment, the sand and the water, 'though no intention of swimming yet. He never loved it. I can remember his 1st time, he was really screaming and crying non-stop. He was so scared. Nothing could ever pacify him. Perhaps the sound of the waves wasn't pleasing at all and the gushing made it look as if it would swallow him up.

Here's the proof: (see the tears?)

April '08 @ Candon, Ilocos Sur

Last Saturday was a great time to go, the sun was peeping; no sign of rain. Kimi was eager to go out and besides he's good at it. *wink* We arrived at Palawan Beach and there were quite a number of people; some just chillin'. Some kids were playing by the shore and others in the man-made fountain/pool but we didn't let Kimi try 'coz the place looked slippery, nothing to hold on even. Anyways, maybe in the future.

even a peacock was chillin'

We walked further the pathway and stayed near the lifeguard house. We parked his stroller and went ashore. As expected, he was again hesitant; scared. He was trying to climb up as I was attempting to put him down on the sand while I was carrying him. *sigh*

The sand was too mushy to support us both. All the while I had to carry him. My feet sunk. Kimi didn't want to sit on the sand. Everything is strange to him that is. Hence, I had no choice but to let him sit on the stroller 'til he fell asleep. Hubi and I just sat beside him and waited 'til he woke up. After almost an hour of recharging, we again attempted to let him sit on the ground. I had set a blanket so he won't see nor feel the sand. After sometime of convincing, we succeeded! He sat there while Hubi was playing with his spades. He would let him touch the sand once in a while so he would have a feel of what's around him. Eventually he was already playing with his spades and the sand on his own; even brushing the sand away with his palms. His butt was glued to the sand. If you let him stand, he didn't like.

YES!....One down and more to go. Our next assignment is to make him sit by the shore. Slowly...slowly...we'll get there.

We lingered 'til 9 then headed for home. Obviously, Kimi got so tired in that he went to bed early.

A few more shots from Hubi:

I just hope it won't rain this coming weekend.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Show Must Go On

In line with the Deepavali Celebration tomorrow, they held an Indian cultural show last Friday night @ the Farrer Park Field which is annually organized. It was our first time to attend such event; there were lotsa people including tourists. It was truly a festive night with all the dances and colorful costumes. Good thing it didn't rain or else we were stuck at home. I enjoyed watching, Hubi enjoyed taking pictures while Kimi enjoyed staring at the big air balloons which were placed quite near our seats.

Here's a peek:

Peacock mode:


Ganda noh?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Better Late than Never

My parents have never exposed themselves to anything techie. The only stuff that's defines "modern" is the cellphone. They are traditional. They don't wanna complicate their lives. :)

But as the world evolves, times change. I never expected that they would be interested in learning how to use the computer, more so use the internet. I guess that's what retirement can do. Although a more intensive guidance is what it takes and repetition so that every detail would sink in. I know they are doing this so that we may be able to communicate regularly and much faster than usual. I really appreciate that.

Yesterday was their first time to see Kimi for real/reel via the webcam. It's been 2.5 months they haven't seen him; only from pictures and they've truly expressed their excitement and happiness to see him. They won't mind if they don't see me and Hubi *just kidding*

Indeed, it's never too late. I just hope there won't be any interference. The network signal @ home is not that strong; stable 'though.

Thanks to YM and Smart....not!!

PS: Beware of the Smart Buddies @ the mass mall up the hill, they provide stoopy recommendations. Some of their employees don't even recommend their service. Better subscribe to PLDT or Viacomm na lang daw.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole


Hubi's found my keys!

Yahoo! Yehey! Yipee!

Indeed, what they say is true...wag mong hanapin pag may nawawala, lalabas at lalabas din yan. TRUE!

Hubi was calibrating his camera last night and he accidentally discovered the keys inside the subwoofer. I think he was supposed to use it as a platform since it only served as a barrier to keep Kimi from going under the table.

According to him, when he lifted the subwoofer up, he heard something inside as he shook it and at that instant he already knew that they were the keys we've been looking for 2 weeks now. He screwed open the back of the equipment and the keys indeed were there plus 2 rubberballs which we didn't notice that were also missing. :)


He immediately woke me up from my sleep but the entire moment has not sunk into me. I couldn't help but smile even as sleepiness was taking it's toll. I was half-conscious; happy 'though.

As I am writing this, I caught Kimi in the act. He has truly made the subwoofer his safe. He has just inserted a red toy block inside, at the same time trying to push in his ball.

See the evidence:

YES!! I can sleep more soundly now

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eye to Eye

I don't know what's in the air that causes my eye irritation. It's been persistent; occurring every 2 weeks since August and all I can do is go to the OPD, use different brands of ophthalmic ointments and eyedrops of different strengths, and be issued an MC (medical certificate). *yipee*

The doctor had checked for scratches on the lens using an orange stain and UV light and found none. No eye infection. Even my optometrist had checked them. This is just a reaction from wearing contact lenses, they say.


What's worst is having a blurrer vision because of the patches and the abnormal condition. I have no choice but to use my specs for 2 weeks or more and go back to my optometrist to have my eyes and grade re-checked and have my contacts reassessed.

Haay, ang hirap pala ng di makakita ng malinaw.

I'm still thankful inspite of that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Gupit kayo jan"

k2 days ago,

Hubi and I decided to buy a shaver/trimmer for Kimi's hair. His hair has grown longer and bringing him to the barbershop isn't a good idea at all. He can't keep still and the entire procedure will definitely be unsuccessful. Not only us who'll be upset but the barber as well.

We're so satisfied with it in that it's uber handy. It's battery operated so less prone to shock. It can be used on wet/dry hair. Great on the grip!

How'd we do it?

Of course, while Kimi was asleep? As I've said, he can't keep still so we waited for him to retire.

End result?



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take 2!


it's the TV REMOTE CONTROL that's missing.


Where, oh, where art thou?!? :-(

PS: Kung di lang bata yung nakawala eh magwawala na ko! hehe..

Alien Invasion!

The Alien...

..siezing The Esplanade


Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow Mali!

Oops! I stand corrected.

October 1 is not Deepavali Day. It's Hari Raya Puasa, a celebration of the Muslims. Deepavali will be on October 28. My mistake...sorry for the wrong info in my previous post. ;)


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nancy Drew-ish

It's Day 3 of the missing keys.

Flashback: Last Monday PM, Kimi saw my bunch of keys on the table while I was carrying him. He was pointing at them. It's already automatic that we give him anything that he's pointing at. I left him for a while as I had to go and visit the loo :) In my mind, he would only play with them that's it. After 10mins or so, I went back to where he was but he's no longer holding them. We searched everywhere and we couldn’t find the bunch. What's so ironic is that the keys were misplaced inside the house. Such a very small house! We looked into every nook and cranny and where he keeps his toys but to no avail. We looked the next time around and still nada!

Really silly...

Two questions in mind:

1. Did I happen to get the keys from him afterwards but put them somewhere else and forgot where?
I don't think so. I may experience “amnesia” at times however I'm very sure of it this time; and,

2. Had I thrown them inside the rubbish bin?
I made sure I delved thoroughly into the plastic bags. I didn't find any ‘though.


We're still hoping it would come out. It's such a big bunch comprising of the house keys, lab keys and a flash drive. No trace whatsoever?

Ironic talaga..

I guess it’s time for…


Sunday, October 05, 2008


We thought it was indeed a crime scene 'coz the area was cordoned.

We walked closer only to find out...

...that it was NOT! *sigh*

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Post F1

We never had the chance to watch the 1st night race for real. Good thing they televised it live via a local channel, Mediacorp, one of the sponsors of the race. Indeed, we had a bird's eyeview. Spectacular! In fact we could even hear the zwinging of the engines from our flat. No joke! Merli's haven is truly that small. The ending was very disappointing 'though. A great mishap for Ferrari.


Anyways, this won't be the last. Felipe and Kimi are still winners in our hearts. Let's wait and see.

Meanwhille, dismantling the infrastructures is what makes the workers so busy now. Here are a few pics:

what is defense? ,err, the fence?

the track, the bleachers on the left

dismantled grandstand and lights

bleachers pa rin with the CBD in the background

bleachers bow!

eto pa..

the lights and Raffles

the bleachers, the parliament and the UFO-like supreme court

the famous Anderson Bridge (the dreaded turn), on the left would be Fullerton Hotel, not in the picture 'though

moving closer

see how famous the bridge is, a couple had their post-nup pics shot there

mga nakakalat na ilaw sa bangketa


PS. There would have been more shots if it wasn't tiring to go 'round by foot and no drizzle