Monday, November 23, 2009

66 days after...


I'm so surprised why I can never get to update my blog. Faster internet speed equals a much convenient manner to post anything and everything. I may have a few minutes to spare but I'm kinda lazy to scribble anything since I got here. *sigh* I don't know why...

I can even survive several days without signing in to my Facebook/ Multiply/ Blogger/ Yahoo/ Gmail accounts nor mere bloghopping. I couldn't believe it myself. This happened's a miracle! *wink*

The weather is contributory I guess or I really don't have anything significant to share. Ok, ok, the bottomline is I've been really lazy and forgetful lately. Perhaps, I will be visible every once in a while and definitely I won't be quitting....just the farming side maybe.

Kimi, Hubi and I are still undergoing an overhaul. Indeed, a drastic shift from a conservative/ stern/ idealistic/ spick & span haven to a liberal/ cluttered/ lenient/ anything-goes environment. We'll get used to everything here eventually. Life is a matter of adapting to change.

For what it's worth,I just have one thing to boast about....

...I was able to upgrade my Ilocano speaking skills from NI (needs improvement) to FAIR. *yey*

OK, any contenders? *wink*