Saturday, January 31, 2009

Net-2-Net; Blog-2-Blog

With all the stuff that the cyberspace has to offer, I couldn't anymore afford to stay patriotic. I have chosen before to stick to one networking site however, there's no one-stop site I have ever come across with. One may have the features that the other one doesn't offer and vice versa.

I have once loathed friendster and yet now I have one. In fairness, it has helped me a lot to find and touch base with primary and secondary school batchmates. It was then also when I learned and started to blog and manipulate the CSSes. Great help I could say! Here's my ever 1st blog

Not until I reached the memory limit of friendster that I decided to shift to I was choosing between blogger and wordpress but blogger (blogspot) made it easier for me. The template is even lucid. It's definitely for blogging. see HERE

I found blogger quite dragging after sometime so I decided to look for an alternative site which may cross link Me, Myself and Eileen to another. I found True enough I would be able to import my (old) blog and cross post. Therefore, it's just easy as reciting the ABC. Here's My Stomping Ground

There's nothing fancy 'though. It's the fast and friendly uploading of album/pictures, blog, videos, music and links etc which caught my attention. Also, updates from friends are visible. Because it's user-friendly, Hubi got his too...and so does Kimi. Well actually, a hard copy of Kimi's photos isn't feasible so I thought of brewing his own site, also @multiply. Hubi, of course, is the one capturing.

If friends may ask, why again do I have a facebook account? I guess if it weren't for a cuz whose purpose is to reunite his relatives then I really wouldnt sign up. He only has this account. It becomes more confusing now, huh?. Luckily, I maintain the same username for all and password, otherwise, I will be baffled.

Again, nothing flashy about the site. The networking sites are all the same.

ONE GOAL, ONE GAME: To reconnect loose threads. That's it!

...I...thank you!

*note: (1) Me, Myself and Eileen is still alive kicking and will always be.

(2) Me, Hubi and Kimi shall remain a "multiplying" family.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Simon says: JUMP!

intransitive verb 1 a: to spring into the air : leap ; especially : to spring free from the ground or other base by the muscular action of feet and legs b: to move suddenly or involuntarily

Here comes another Kimi milestone @ nearly 19months.

A week had passed with Kimi attempting to jump. He'd seen it from one of the kids in the playground. Eversince that day, he's been trying to mimic the move with feet slightly close apart, bending the knee down and propelling his body up while keeping the heel raised on tippy toes. He still dosen't know how to do it correctly, i.e. to sustain his ~15kg weight. Eventually, he would know; he is such a curious boy.


What next?

Hmmmm....can't wait for the real thing. Hubi must capture it with his cam.

Update you soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Looks like I'm starting to get addicted to donutfactory. The donuts are fluffy and the taste just right for the not so sweet tooth. Wala kasing Krispy Kreme dito so it's already a very good alternative not to mention a few additions to the family like Cookies n' Cream and the Mandarin Orange inspired donut for the Chinese New Year.

with macadamia shavings & cookies n' cream

Kimi has his own preference too. He likes it glazed. But I guess Kimi likes Nestle's cookie bits breakfast cereal more than anything else.

He could munch on them non-stop while watching cartoons and then gulp his milk to make the meal complete. Hindi magkahalo *wink*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Auspicious Pomelo

We were curious how this pomelo differs from the one we have in the market, so we decided to buy it. They say it's lucky to have one this CNY. I believe so! Sabi nga nila, di naman masamang maniwala dba?

The pomelo or Chinese grapefruit is a citrus fruit, larger than a grapefruit, with sweet flesh and thick spongy rind. Pomelo symbolizes abundance and prosperity, in Cantonese the word for “pomelo” sound like the word for “to have”. The green pomelo, which becomes yellow when ripe, is a common sight in the shops before the Chinese New Year. It is a delicious fruit, and the rind can be used in Chinese cooking. The Chinese believe it is important to have at least one pomelo in the house for decoration, or better still, to have a pair, since good things always come in pairs. To use a pomelo to decorate one’s home during the New Year implies a wish that the home will have everything it needs the coming year.

Oops! hindi nga kami Instik...pang decoration lang pala ito! *wink*

Anyways, the fruit tasted good! Sweet and juicy! yumyum! Does it mean there's no more luck?

I have already moved...(oops! excuse me)

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

There's no public celebration here in the Fine City unlike last January 1 with the fantastic fireworks display. Actually they don't make a big fuss out of it, however, CNY is a very important day for the Singaporeans (Chinese). It's the only time when they go back to their family/parents and celebrate, commune and rekindle the ties.

It's a 2-day holiday...yipee! Got time to bond with Kimi and Hubi too!!!

Got to go to the grocery to stock a few consumables. The supermarkets will be close on Monday, Tuesday..

Will be back!!! Enjoy everyone!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just A Regular Day

There's not much happenings lately. Well, not for us that is. The locals are busy preparing for the Chinese New Year while we are busy looking out for rubbish. *wink* Mind you, baka kasi may tumataginting na LCD TV o Quinny na stroller na itatapon ng mga Cheks hehe.. Majority of them see to it that everything they'll be owning for the coming new year must be brand NEW in that many items are on sale knowing that everyone would be replacing their old stuff! It's worth the buy.

Weeks before the eve which falls on Jan. 24 (if I may beam correct), they clutter bust. They clean up to the last speck of dust they see because New Year, New all equals good vibes and good year ahead. Everything is spick & span.

Festive goodies abound. From pineapple tarts, love letters to almond cake, cookies etcetera etcetera. Daig pa talaga ang pasko , mas maraming mabibili ngayon!

RED...RED...RED packets! the hong bao packet strikes back! Too bad I'm already married, I'm no longer entitled. *sigh*

Hmmmm...I guess it's Kimi's turn. *big buck$..big buck$*


We don't celebrate CNY...sayang! But Kimi does welcome the red envelope FYI. *wink*

Friday, January 09, 2009

My Wish for the New Year: Good Health

I was flipping through the pages of our 2009 desktop calendar (from a supplier) and found these health facts very interesting. Some seemed funny and were even misspelled and written in a politically correct NOT manner. Of course, "it's the thought that counts".

I'm sharing the info to all. 12 months equals 12 facts. I guess I have to heed most. Read on..

1. Strawberries are a nutritious treat. You will feel more energetic after a health fruit breakfast rather than drinking only a cup of coffee.

2. Vegetarians are known to be less susceptible to gout, so you may want to consider changing to a meat and fish-free diet if your symptoms are regular and troublesome.

3. Experts have estimated that around one in three cases of cancer is diet-related. It is well worth to adopt a healthy diet that's rich in antioxidants, flavones and high in fiber foods.

4. Apple contains quercetin and broccoli contains magnesium that help to relax the airway and reduce asthma attacks.

5. Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid 3x a weel will help prevent the accumulation of fatty deposit in the artery.

6. Banana & dragonfruit are rich in potassium which helps our body to get rid of salt.

7. Drinking orange juice during endurance training will help to provide extra energy for general fitness. It is also a good boost of Vit. C and potassium.

8. Lemons contain vit. C which boosts immunity and strengthen blood vessel walls reducing the risk of stroke.

9. To lose weight, opt for juices made from vegetables such as carrots rather than fruits with a high sugar content.

10. It is still best to get vitamins from fruits and veggies. Man-made supplements cannot beat nature's goodness.

11. Grapefruit is good for strengthening the immune system and reducing blood cholesterol level.

12. Herbal tea has been shown to help ease stress-related insomnia.

Have a nice day everyone!


Yesterday, I went for my month overdue follow-up eye check up. I still have the remnant of the stye. *pout* It does seem indelible and still a bit bumpy. As the saying goes, time will heal the wound.*wink* But how long shall I wait? Now I still am afraid to wear my contacts for extended periods. I never would want to experience such discomfort again. Maybe once I get a go signal I would.

I reached the hospital earlier than my schedule. It was a lax day. I was in the queue for less than 5 minutes before my number was called. I went inside the room then my doctor checked inside and out of my eye. He checked the other eye. He said both were fine except for the scarring of the stye. There's still a small seed which is better left inside than making a small incision to take it out. Bloody blood! :) I'll just have to settle for the antibiotic-steroid for another month and still refrain from using contacts.


I hope my eyes would become well soon. Can't wait to wear my contact lenses again 'coz it's difficult when Kimi would purposely pull the specs off my face whenever I carry him. I don't wanna add another figure to the stats...

...2 dilapidated spectacles and still counting NOT!

P/S: our friend P's specs got one broken lens and my spare's got a deformed temple. Hindi nakayanan ang powers ni Kimi.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yey! It's 2009!

January 1, 2009, 11:55pm

Come New Year, expect that each and everyone would really cling to their own practices which are fervently followed whether Chinese or not. Some would wear polka dots just like Minnie Mouse, some would collect 11, 12, 13 fruits. Well some would skip completing the number 'coz fruits are quite expensive. Others would either buy several pieces of oranges then display them on the window pane for luck or throw coins and count money when the clock strikes 12 then jump as high as they can para daw tumangkad. *sigh* This I've proven wrong...pandak pa rin ako *grin* So better not waste your kids' time by asking them to jump and jump next year. But what the heck! It's the fun that counts. While some would open the lights, the windows and the doors; others would bang anything that could make a loud sound to banish all the evil-spirits-that-were and usher in good things for the new year ahead.

We practice some of the things I've said back home and I'm sure they did them last night. This time, however, only the lights, windows and the doors we've kept open here. I had no time to even count money to millions..trillions ;-) But mind you, just hours before the stroke of midnight, Hubi unluckily stepped on dog poo..and whenever this happens to him, he encounters good luck. Well, sana nga!! And hopefully he can share the luck to me...whether he likes it or else! *kidding*

So, instead of adhering to the customs, we instead feasted on circles...circles and more circles. See...(tnx Hubi for the foodshots)