Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Got a strained back to nurse. It's the luggage's curse.

A sturdy cushion would do. Goodbye pillows!!!



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back 2 Back

I nearly forgot that I have a multiply account *kidding*. I've been so pre-occupied lately with facebook (plus our reunion) *grin* 'Though cluttered it may be, nakakatuwa na rin ang FB. What I like is you may choose to share photos to people whom you like. There's still privacy even if your face is already all over place. ;) And one thing more, it's so fast to upload. Or maybe it's because I've resized the photos already? Hmmmm...but still, it's way better an alternative than Fwendster.

A few days more and my routine will be back in tip-top shape. I shall be updating my site regularly.....hopefully!

See you again!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

After Yearssssss

Tomorrow's the big day! Our 3rd clan reunion. I missed the 2nd that's why I'm so looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday. It's been years since we all had the moment to bond.

Yesterday was a prelude. We ('though not all of us) went to Lolo/Lola's house to have lunch that extended til night. 2 cousins won't be able to make it this weekend so we gathered yesterday with them. Thanks Carlo & TJ!

It was indeed a memorable day. We all had fun together peeling squash seeds and thirst quenching with beer. Kimi also enjoyed mingling with his cousins, lolo's/lola's, tita's/tito's.

*sigh* nakakabitin!

Well...better than none at all. At least, we were able to bond with TJ and Carlo even for just a while.

It was nice seeing you after so many years! See you both again!


In the meanwhile, gotta prepare for tomorrow.

Ooops, it's Valentine's Day din pala. Happy hearts's day to all!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's not really that cold cold up here in Baguio. It's still tolerable as long as you keep yourself warm. But then I'm no longer used to it.

The water is even worse. Para kang gumagamit ng ice water. Hello, chapped lips + dry, chapped fingertips.

Even if I apply layers and layers of petroleum jelly and the like, di gano effective. *sigh*

Di na bale....I'm indeed at home! *yipee*

Everything's temporary!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shoe Fly don't bother Me!

Hmmm..another flying shoe incident.

1st was George Bush (in Afghanistan), 2nd is Wen Jiabao (in UK). Tsk! Tsk!

I guess if demonstrations do not perk the leaders up, they deserve to be agitated by physical assault. But if it is just as venial as being hit by a shoe, I don't think it shall leave an impact unless it "stinks". Worst is, the assailant shall be probed into afterwards.

I know they must earn our respect but it shouldn't come to a point when we start regarding them like gods or kings and we remain a small dot in the football field, that is, sh*t.


If I were to change the world, what reform should I do?

I guess, nada! I don't want everything to be orderly and perfect. Hey! It's nice to have something to laugh about. Otherwise, our life would be boring.

So who's next in queue? GMA?

Hmm, the shoe may be able to knock her off. If ever, that would really be gloria for the masa you know!

Oops! Bato-bato sa langit..

P.S. Pardon the rubbish

Monday, February 02, 2009

If I had the choice...

I occasionally experience hunger pangs even after having consumed a lot. I don't get relieved either even if I eat again.

It's not a good sign...

...I'd rather have butterflies instead.


The bacteria have exponentially multiplied. They've succeeded! I'm now nursing a sore throat. It's my 2nd bout. *sigh* If not my eye, my throat. The little creatures have merely remained dormant. Luckily, I got no fever nor runny nose; only a hoarse manly voice. *harhar* and a little phlegm. *yikes*

My doctor prescribed antibiotic and another pill for the inflammation.

Hopefully, I would get well before Saturday. I don't wanna get it aggravated when we spend time up there where the pine trees and thick fog abound. *yey!*