Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make or Break

I'm on the brink of plunging into something unforeseen. It's a big risk but I guess it's worth challenging. Very uncertain really.

Well, by nature, I am always on the go. I cannot keep still especially when opportunities start knocking on my door. Of course, that is, taking into consideration Kimi and Hubi and not only my selfish desire. I just love the thought of escalating. It stimulates my mind and even renders me more productive to the point of making me strive beyond my limits. Hello, exhaustion?

Looking forward, I guess this is going to be a life-changing transition. I'm not bothered either given the fact that I got no bullets to rescue me when I reach the battleground. I've always clinged to the fact that our Creator will never give man something that he cannot handle. Besides, HE is there wherever..whenever.

Although the thought of being second class is what worries me; I shall never welcome any unjust treatment from the bullies. I swear!

Aaanyways, (again) enough of the rant. Just trying to pacify the panic after confirming the IT through the grapevine.

How I wish it's June already. Perhaps, my stress level would have lowered by then.