Monday, July 30, 2007


3 weeks after, Kimi's weight had increased to 4.2 kilograms from 3.4. A 400g tin can can only last him 3 days from an initial 6-7days. phew! How time..err..weight flies.

Incidentally, Hubi's dogs gave birth to several pups days post Kimi's arrival. Labrador Mom/ Husky Dad= 7 minus 1 labsky pups
Husky Mom/ Husky Dad = 5 cutie pups

Everybody's born on July. All are breastfeeding. Kimi is mixed however.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Babies tend to get colicky when they feed, feed and over feed plus the neverending hiccups and Kimi is not exempted. And these strike during the wee hours. So imagine the turbulence we have to endure. It is a hands-on learning experience 'though. There is no other way to sharpen knowledge than going through things the hard way minus the guidance of the learned.

Perhaps, there's another reason for Kimi's irritability other than colic or hiccups. We decided to pay the Pedia a visit to be certain. The entire household (full force ba?) assumed that his stuffy nose was the culprit. His breathing seemed "gurglish" the past days. Looks like everybody's right! There appears to be something blocking the nasal passage which semi-surfaced upon sneezing, an hour before our appointment.

Kimi is alright, from head to foot, in and out. His doctor prescribed Salinase drops to clear the nose and a temporary shift to lactose-free milk to rule out lactose intolerance, if it could also be a cause of his extra irritability.

We reached home, tried the drops, cleared the nose using an aspirator/bulb...equals greenish and mucoid SUCCESS!! We haven't tried the milk yet 'coz the milk is unavailable UP here. Mukhang never heard daw. Wala daw sa pine cones ;p

Anyways, Kimi didn't give us a hard time this time. He must have been relieved *sigh* Let's wait and see tonight.

Night 1 down..

Friday, July 20, 2007

It is a virtue, indeed

Kimi's nearly 2 weeks old and yet he can already move his head to & fro independently. Sometimes he struggles to carry it upwards when positioned to burp on my shoulder. Such an amazing wonder for a newborn baby.

What appears to trouble me is when I attempt to breastfeed and he pushes me away. He becomes impatient waiting for the droplets to ooze especially when the pang of hunger strikes. As the 90's song goes: "....all we need is just a little patience.."

Sunday, July 15, 2007


"Kimi & I"

He still cant see, however, in this shot he appears to be staring at me =)

A week that was

I'm super panda-eyed. I have had these since time immemorial but now they are vivider (if there is a word as such ;p). 7 days of sleepless nights, caring for & nurturing our little one, seem 7 years. *just kidding* Again, it's all worth it esp when you captivate what appears to be facial expressions but reflex actually.

As of the moment, I consider myself a useless cow. I have the least amount of milk for Kimi. Sometimes I feel frustrated for a few mums possess sprinkler-like bumpers, unlike me*sigh* Here, size does NOT matter. I'm just happy for Hubi's encouragement. Patience, Eileen, Patience. The key is to let the baby suck & suck until you die =) or else you'll end up having high fever & worst abscess.

It's been a week and I/we really can't get enough of the baby. I never felt this satiated before. If only I can cease his biological clock and let him be like that 4ever & ever, I would.


Monday, July 09, 2007

At first...At last...

Thank the heavens, Kimi's out. I thought it was a simple *pff* but I was wrong. It may have been a C-Section but it was reaaaaaaaaally reaaaaaaaally tough. A modified Caesarian delivery. I dont want to elaborate. Definitely, it was all worth it. However, I don't know if I wanna go through it again =)

We just hope choosing 07-07-07 would be a lucky one for us.

Ay, yah...Feng Shui Feng Shui not! =)

Actually, the only main reason why we chose the day is: the ease of remembering birthdates especially if you have a dozen of suckling pigs. *grin*

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Born on the 4th of July..NOT!

It would've been better if I chose to give birth today. It's Fil-Am Friendship Day, ayt? A few people are pushing us to have the OR done on this special day, however, to no avail. *wink*
Our little one seems to cooperate well.

Labor hasn't started yet...oops....not yet please!!! *knock on wood*

3 days more Kimi. Kita-kits!! =)