Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is Christmas!

Another year in another place...

If last year's celebration was warm yet with cool breeze, this year's extremely cold and freezing. This is the first time, snow had fallen before Christmas. Usually, they say, it begins to shower come January. I guess it was a welcome greeting for the 3 of us; a one-time blizzard!

A White Christmas indeed!

There's nothing great about it 'though like the way we see it in the movies. White, cold, fluffy ice which becomes gray when the ice starts to melt along the side of the roads. *eyesore* Maybe it would have been different if we lived in Antartica *wink* I would have appreciated it differently. *kidding* Ironic, but I never wanted snow in the first place! :-)

Anyways, it's our first time to celebrate as one family: Kimi, Hubi and I. We didn't have any fancy preparations during the eve. We just had clam chowder soup, toasted potato bread, tostitos with salsa con queso, a few bottles of beer and Kimi had a serving of vanilla ice cream for dessert. A simple yet intimate feast. Btw, Kimi initiated the grace before meals. :-)

A few more days and it will be another year! Time flies... *sigh*


Accdg to Kimi: this is Daddy, Mommy and Kimi snowman with Sa-ta