Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

It's 1:52am and all of us are still wide awake except Kimi. He had fallen asleep before midnight. We really wished he had seen the fireworks on TV. It was indeed fantastic 'though not as realistic as in the Philippines. But nevertheless, it's already enough. BTW, Rivermaya was here during the New Year countdown show and I'm sure a lot of Pinoys were there to watch them. The heck! I don't even know who the new members are.

Hubi, me, P and N are just having a chitchat over sushi, some fruits and a few cans of beer plus home-cooked ginataang mais, untouched soup and untouched fruit salad. We'll be reserving the rest for tomorrow so there'll be food available right away as we will be waking up late and delivery isn't a good idea during holidays. We didn't know what to prepare so we just opted for take away. And besides we had late dinner so our stomachs are still full.

We had lots of circles on our table and as per Chinese belief, this is goodluck! Circles...circles...lotsa circles!! Yey! (will post pics soon)

Happy New Year to all!!! May we all experience good things ahead on this Year of the Ox.

*insert Auld Lang Syne here*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

Home cooked food, light booze, a jolly Kimi plus wacky company equals a complete Christmas even though the 5 of us were away from home. Our recipe was really simple -- my Italian herby, beefy, sausage & mushroom spaghetti, Hubi's fave ham-corn-egg-minced chicken soup, french baguette. the overexposed logcake, the Heineken keg and cocktail nuts. We couldn't think of anything more to prepare. Neither did we want to take away. So whether they liked it or not, they had to swallow whatever is served.

We weren't able to attend the misa de gallo as the weather wasn't favorable to Kimi. It was drizzling and the air was cold.

I stayed up til 5am while Hubi, P and N retired a little later. Kimi and I awoke at 12noon; the 3 around 2pm. It was still gloomy and cold outside; just nice to chill at home while eating LO's with coffee on the side. hmmmmm......

Maligayang Pasko muli!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kainan na!

Just finished dinner with Hubi and 2 of our friends. Kimi's asleep and at long last we get the chance to eat, drink and be merry!!

Hope all is well....


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes...lapit na!


Christmas is near!!! ...and we dunno how to celebrate it yet. Never did we plan to put up any Christmas decor; big nor small, as it may trigger our little boy you know. Chokers, hello? However, my Aunt was generous enough to share some decors. She doesn't put up decors either. She had remembered Kimi all the while and the lights should surely perk him up according to her. And sure it did! I wasn't afraid of the threat as they were wall decors. Simple yet meaningful.

Kimi loves the lights, and somehow it pacifies him when he gets cranky.

Hmmm....what to cook? what to cook?

I have several options in my mind and it depends which gets the most votes. It won't be complicated...take away hello? *kidding*

As I always say, we'll see how. I'm excited. We're no longer 3. We have "adopted" 2 who'll be celebrating with us, P & N.

Merry Christmas again friends!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Maagang Pamasko

I've fallen sick the past week, hence, my zero visibility I've had a terrible cough, a hoarse, horse voice, and a phlegmful throat. I'm really sorry that I had passed it to my father-in-law when they were here. I had spread it to JJ and LB @work. And now it's Kimi's turn. *sigh* Indeed, a supervirus! and I would not want to have it again.

Kimi's been coughing so hard the past days even to the point of already vomitting because of the effort to expel that thing inside the throat. It's such a pity whenever I see him having difficulty to breathe during his sleep and he couldn't sleep straight. He's been cranky and so hot-tempered. We've been treating him with Bromhexine and Actifed syrup but to no avail. So we've shifted to Tergecef (an antibiotic) and it looks like it's taking effect.

This afternoon, we decided to go out and expose him to fresh air. Maybe, staying at home for several days straight does bore him too. Hubi and I had been previously discussing what kind of ride to buy for him. Because, whenever we bring him down to the playground, he would always go to the toys, i.e., bike, kart, scooter, of the other kids and play with either the wheels or the steering wheel. Of course, some of the kids don't like it and they would shoo him away. Here comes the stage where kids don't like other kids to meddle with their stuff. What's worst is, one older kid, whacked his head with his palm, 'though not as heavy as it seemed. I wanted to whack him back but I was controlling my anger then. Syempre, di naman ako papatol sa bata. Baka ako naman ang hampasin ng magulang hehe..

Since then, we decided that we'll be getting him something that he can play with. We went to SUNTEC and we saw a toy car, ala race car on display. It comes in 2 sizes, a big one and a slightly smaller one. The price difference is only SGD9 so it's indeed wiser to pick the bigger toy. It may be to early for Kimi to use, but at least he can make butingting the wheels and drive the steering wheel without annoying anybody. We spoke to the assisting staff and he mentioned that the same model of toy is being sold at a cheaper price at Giant (@Vivo City). We decided to go to their other branch @ Dhoby Ghaut and both models were not being offered. We rushed to Giant immediately as only 4 units are available according to the staff. True enough, when we reached the place, only 1 box was left and the price is definitely much cheaper (with a difference of SGD30, sayang din yun! *wink*). Without batting an eyelash, we took it right away and brought it home.

Kimi's eyes sparkled as Hubi unpacked the box. Maybe he wasn't expecting we bought it for him. At the store, he enjoyed playing with it along with the other toys around. After assembling it, he couldn't resist turning the wheels and sitting on the chair while the car is being pushed. He still can't reach the pedals, however, soon.

Hopefully, he can play with it freely downstairs without worries.

Hmmm...a good time to take revenge? ;) *kidding*

Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is near at hand! 19 days to go and it's time to celebrate! *yipee*

Well, us, Filipinos never miss it...wherever we may be. It's not all about the food, nor the gifts, nor the treats, nor the snow, nor the elegant Christmas trees, nor the thousands of bucks one has inside his pocket. It's the communion of hearts, the reunion of soul and joyously welcoming the birth of JC, transcending time and space.

Of course, all of us know this duh. *wink* Oops...I'm not preaching :) I don't have remarkable knowledge either.

I just feel a bit sentimental. I really am not used to celebrating the holidays away from home. This will be my 2nd time. Last 2004, I was "alone". I can remember spending it with my flatmates. We had Noche Buena, played Scrabble and Monopoly afterwards til morning. Haay, it was truly difficult.

On the 25th, it will be totally different 'though. I will be distant from home but then I am no longer alone now. Kimi and Hubi shall be keeping me company. *yehey* Royal Rumble 'to! We will never know how to celebrate it until the day comes. Impromptu na lang!

We'll see how. No definite plans yet. What to prepare? Where to celebrate? In the end, it might be the two of us left, Hubi and I. Kimi could already be asleep come Noche Buena. He will no longer get the chance to see Santa sneak through the chimney.

Hmmm...we don't have a chimney anyway. *grin*

Let me be the first to greet you all....HAPPY HOLIDAYS friends!

a Xmas float @ Orchard Road

Monday, December 01, 2008


My desire to blog has waned...

...temporarily, that is!

There's always this sort of vacuum inside my heart everytime I get detached from my parents. *sigh* I know they too feel the same way. They've gotten more close to Kimi and he does melt their hearts. Haaaaay....

Today's the 6th day since their departure and I guess I have already coped. (shhh..trying..trying..) Good thing we all have the technology to keep in touch but still it's different. Well, still better than nothing at all.

Shameful indeed that Eileen's a crybaby. I guess some of my experiences have molded me to be such ;)

Anyways, I am just but human.

Moving on..dat..dat..dat..