Sunday, August 31, 2008

House 2 House

The doorbell sounded as Kimi and I were watching Wonderpets in the living room. I didn't bother when I saw a few youngsters leaving as I peeped through the fish eye door hole. I thought they were those who try to solicit or sell something espeysyal offer door-to-door. I went back to my seat then the doorbell rang again. The people were back so i had no choice but to open the door. I tagged Kimi along. Around 6 secondary school students were outside and one of the girls handed over a box of mooncakes. I was quite puzzled why the gesture. Siguro may catch, I said to myself. When suddenly, an adult lady started to speak and said that they were wishing each home, each family a Happy Mooncake Festival. She aked the girl to give the leaflet on her hand. I asked where they were from and she said, from the Presbyterian Church just across the street. The lady said, if ever we have time, we can join them. I just replied back; "Oh ok, and by the way, thank you for the mooncakes!" They left as Kimi waved goodbye.

What a nice way to greet someone's day. Such a great timing as I like mooncakes...yum..yum!

Yey! It's the start of the Mid-Autumn and Lantern Festival! Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm back.

I missed blogging. So many things to little time. I have nearly forgotten monitoring Kimi's milestones. He's the elixir so I can update this spot, however, prioritites ...priorities. As I've said before, documentation is important to me as I am starting to have "dementia" ;p But the spare time I have is consumed solely for him. He's busy playing now, so I have a few minutes to scribble. :)

UPDATE 1: Kimi (@11mos) has been trying to push himself to walk. You may see him scared 'though after 3 to 4-step attempts. Can't wait for him to really WALK. He's way too heavy to carry now..but what can we do? Nada! We'll just have to wait..

UPDATE 2: He's learned to eat a lot of things. A lot meaning anything that comes in contact with his hands hehe. Imagine, finding tissue bits and a minute piece of scouring pad inside his mouth. He would even flash a naughty smile when you catch him chewing something and you force your hand to open his mouth and take it out. He loves latundan banana, wafer, rice cracker, biscuits, ice cream, cake, apple juice or any ice-cold drink that is. Halata bang napaka health conscious nya *wink*

UPDATE 3: He babbles and babbles words only heaven knows what they mean. He screams, laughs, throw tantrums. FYI, marunong ng magdabog at ang crocodile tears when you won't hand him what he wants.

UPDATE 4: Gustung-gusto maglakwatsa! Titigil pag nag-aalburuto! Mabisyo!

UPDATE 5: He knows when he's gonna take a bath. He'll take off his shirt right away when inside the b/room. He will sway to the tune of London Bridge in the middle of bathing.

UPDATE 6: He can flip his book to the page when you ask him where the butterfly is :)

UPDATE 7: Mahilig sa tsinelas! I really dunno what's with the slippers? I've seen another girl his age who plays with her mum's sandals, tagging them with her along while she crawls.

UPDATE 8: He can never sleep without his security blanket...any fleece blanket would do.

UPDATE 9: He knows a bus, a train, a truck, a clock, a TV, an aircon, the electric fan and what a gecko is!! :)

UPDATE 10: Pwede syang kumandidato bilang Mr. Congeniality. He waves, smiles and plays with everyone he sees and meets even for the first time. Magaling kumalabit ng tao. Good thing, hindi sila pikon..but some would really not care.

BTW, he has this habit of keeping things sa mga mga suluk-sulok. There was one time, we were looking for the remote and he kept it inside the box of his toy. Another incident, I found his top inside my bag. Mahilig kasi syang magkalkal ng bag and wallet. His toy duck, I found on the window slit, buti na lang di gano nakabukas yung window dahil mahilig din sya magtapon ng laruan sa labas. Actually, he already lost one doughnut ring coz he threw it outside the window and we really never knew about it not until we we're sorting his toys out.

So that's it. Full stop! *wink*

Til then!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Otso Otso

What's with 08-08-08? Is it really a lucky date?

Many, especially the Chinese, believe that 8 is indeed a special number. Accdg to Wikipedia: Eight (八; accounting 捌; pinyin bā) is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture because it sounds like the word "prosper" or "wealth" (发; Pinyin: fā).

I'm sure several couples will be tyeing the knot and several will plan to induce labor just to catch up with today. Hmmm....parang may kilala naman akong naghintay sa 07-07-07 noh? *wink*

We'll see at the end of the day what will be in store for me. It's 2:08AM and I still got a long day. I wish I will be lucky. Lucky 8!!

So what happened to Lucky 7 and Lucky 9?

Friday, August 01, 2008


It's the first day of August and I just remebered it's the start of the Ghost Month. No wonder, this afternoon, most of the locals were so busy burning joss sticks, mickey mouse notes and various colored paper with Chinese characters on it equals stuffy air and ashes everywhere. One man was even throwing oranges, coins, bread pieces here-and-there. (Yun bang ginagawa natin pag pasok ng bagong taon). It's for the wandering spirits they say.

More info can be read HERE