Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pasyalan Na!

We were again on tourist mode last night. Cousin Carlo was here for a business trip and yesterday was only his free time to take a breather after a hectic week at the Expo. We had to squeeze in 6 hours utmost.

I was with Hubi, Kimi, Jackie and cousin (Ate) Flow Bee. We decided to meet at City Hall MRT Station (CBD) as the tourist attractions Singapore is famous for were just nearby; the Supreme Court, the Parliament, Marina Bay, The Esplanade, the Flyer, Fullerton Hotel and the Merlion Park.

We had dinner at the Kopitiam (Makansutra) to let him a taste of local food and local beer. Then we resumed the 'tour' by foot (and stroller ;p) while taking pics of our high-spirited visitor cum phot-ops model cousin. Next stops were the bayside facing the skyline, the foot bridge to get a good view of the Esplanade side and the Merlion/ Fullerton side and last stop, the Merlion Park.

Along the way, a few tourists greeted us and asked permission whether they can take a snapshot of Kimi. Kimi can be Mr. Congeniality most of the time. The little boy obliged and he even posed for them even if he had to lie on the ground and get dirty. He liked it so much!

Finally, we reached Merlion's haven. There's not much people considering it was a Friday night. We spent almost an hour taking jump shots while the other tourists were staring at us. Well, who cares, they don't know us anyway.


We had so much fun and it's worth repeating. When? Perhaps, in a week's time when another relative comes to town. That is, if she's willing to taint his image like we did.

Just need to catch up with time. We got less than 2 months left. The clock is ticking....

Sunday, June 07, 2009


The sky was clear and the air warm; no hint of rain nor drizzle. So we decided to go out and bring Kimi to the Thomas and Friends show at Marina Square. Before the show could even start, he couldn't keep still on his seat. He wanted to stand and loiter around while the show master was busy with the Q&A, action song and teaching the kids how to do peep-peep! :)

He watched with gusto as soon as The Fat Controller entered the stage as if undertstanding each and every lyric being sang by him. (FYI, Kimi is musically inclined. Despite his built, he can gracefully dance to any rhythm, wiggle his butt and even tap his feet along with the beat!)

Then it was Thomas' turn to come out; all the kids screamed with joy. I don't know what's it with him that makes him so appealing to children. Maybe his ventriloquist doll-ish eyes/stare! ;) It was just a short 15-minute stint but worth the travel.

We had dinner at Makansutra aka Esplanade gilid *wink* and saw several bunches of Flips. It really was TGIF for them; that is, good slash gimik time! ...and for us, family slash quality time

Thereafter, we stopped by the Outdoor Theatre @ Esplanade to check out the centerstage. A group of 3 local theatre performers singing their hearts out ala broadway musical. The lady even sang like Lea Salonga. Kimi seemed to like this show better than Thomas and his friends. *grin*

We lingered a bit then walked our way to the other side of the bridge to take pictures of the skyline. We walked further then we reached the Parliament/ Supreme Court. It was there when I noticed that the flood lights were up. Yes! that early..for the F1!

*awful frown* I don't wanna think about it anymore haay.. I won't get the chance to watch it anyway *frown*frown*frown*

FYI, Kimi, Hubi and I have become part-time tour guides of Jackie lately. We've been touring her around since she arrived here. She appears to be enjoying also.

Well, the three of us, too, have become tourists even on the last minute. It's definitely a must that we keep mementos of this place that we've treasured like our own before it's too late *sigh*sigh*

*more sighs*

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Memorable June 2

The Lord has been so generous and kind to me throughout these years. I know, it's not only luck; He has designed a perfect plan for each and everyone of us. What we are tasked to do is to share whatever we gain and touch somebody's life.

I've said this before and I'm saying it again; everything is possible when we put Him at the center of our lives. Praise the Lord!

There are marvelous things that I do not know, nor can I comprehend.
Lord, things that happen in my life, and things that happen in my friends lives.
Lord, I desire to be thankful, to appreciate everything that comes across my path.
Lord, so often life hurts, I get angry -- upset, I do not understand, yet Lord You ask me to be thankful for everything, and have faith – thank You.

Lord, help me to be thankful, when the rains come on the just and the unjust, that You care so much about me, that Your to chasten, to build character and godliness in me, to be a mirrored reflection of Your Son to reach others.

Lord, I thank You for mercy, for the hunger for righteousness, for forgiveness, for purity, for providing for my needs.
Lord, I thank You for prayer, That I can come before You and call You Father.
That I can cast my burdens on You.
Lord, I thank You for my heart, the treasure and light You placed in there -- the Holy Spirit.

Lord, help me to endeavor, to be thankful for everything
.Lord, it seems most of the time, what happens is about me.
Lord, I thank you that You gently remind me that the things are not about me, however, my life and what happens is more about You, Your will, and Your Kingdom.

Lord, I thank You, I praise You. Lord, in You do I find strength and courage to go on.
Lord, I thank You for the author and finisher of my faith – Jesus Christ and that in You is hope everlasting.

Lord, I thank You for the blood of Jesus, Your precious lamb.

Thank You Lord God!In Jesus’ name, amen.

(prayers of thanks based on 1 Corinthians 2, Matthew 5-6, Hebrews 12)