Thursday, September 17, 2009

No! No! No!

I'm ready...I'm set...

..however, I don't think I can go yet??

Looks like there's no more turning back. This is it!! It will be tougher than before considering geography. In the meanwhile, I have to leave my comfort zone. *sigh*

It will be me, myself and Eileen again.

Thank you, Lord..


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


"How time flies so fast!" The -ber months are here! My birth month is coming soon and that means another dry flake on my skin *wink*

I don't know why the days pass by quickly during the last quarter of the year. Maybe because every person's productivity is at its peak that we never notice elapsed time and we don't care whether we have a stack of pending jobs. Everybody's looking forward to big bucks and bonuses, that's why! Plus, successive holidays that tend to lessen work hours! *two thumbs up* The not so good news is, I'm spared this year 'coz I'm "on leave".

I guess it's not only me who's counting down. We all got something to look forward to.