Monday, July 28, 2008

Kimi's 1st haircut


The long wait is over.

After 1 year of keeping Kimi's mane intact(due to some wala-namang-masama-kung-maniwala ka di ba ek-ek), we've decided to visit the kid's salon last Saturday. He's been perspiring a lot with the long hair and what's worse is people, wherever we go, bet whether he's a He or a She. We would have done it ourselves if only he could keep still even for just 10 minutes. Kaso hindi eh; we might end up poking him everywhere...bloody hell! *wink*

When we arrived @ the salon, there was no queue, so extraordinary for a weekend.

Perhaps, we were too early and the rest are still having their lunch. So there we were. Kimi sat still on the high chair with the LCD in front of him while Mr. Bean's flick is being played. The stylist looked stern but she was actually nice. She put the "cape" on Kimi; the baby was hesitant; pulling it away from him so she immediately took it off. She just informed me that she'd be vacuuming the hair later on.

She started off by giving Kimi a toy car to distract him. A success it is!! Snip....Snap....Snip....Snap....the scissors went and the baby got no complaints.....YET.

After a while, Kimi got irritated, the lady went to get a new toy car...then a musical toy for Kimi.

The baby was pacified, however, the mood intervals have become shorter. Luckily, a little more cut with the razor and he's almost done. When suddenly, he threw his temper, he started to cry/scream. I had no choice but to carry him while the stylist was doing the final touches.

There's a slight difference with the haircut on the right side from the left side but still is negligible. Mukha na syang lalaki ngayon hehe..

"...ang gaan-gaan ng feeling...."

Friday, July 25, 2008



I've resurfaced.

The past month's been a hectic one for us. My in-laws came for a visit, then my parents, then come Kimi's birthday. Hubi and I surely have had a "break" from babysitting, moreover, get enough sleep. Of course, we had to tour around the island again for the Nth time. Nothing much has changed in the Fine City since last year. ( if naman ang tagal naming nawala haha) More roadworks in progress in anticipation of the first F1 night race. For those without reservations yet, FYI, all hotels are already booked. In case you're planning to go during the period of the race (from Sept. 28-30), our place is available for accommodation...

..for a minimum fee, that is :) *wink*

Anyways, last weekend, we brought the tourists to the bird park. Only the bird shows seemed interesting and the man-made waterfall aviary. Too bad it rained so we weren't able to scrutinize each and every nook. Well, the park's worth a visit than the zoo dahil halos puro baka at nuang lang ang makikita, ika nga nila. We're planning to go back when Kimi's a little older in that he can appreciate the animals more.

Picture! Picture!

I hope I'll be able to update sooner. It's so hard to keep a baby away from the laptop especially when he begins to slam his palm on the keys.
Twice the weight, twice the impact pa!