Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm nestling..

I've been mute for a while trying to organize things with Hubi for our little one. YES...I'm back in my hometown for good. The adjustment period isn't over yet. As if my fingers haven't stopped craving for abnormal karyotypes. Ooops!! *knock on wood*

I have definitely gained WEIGHT this time. Voracious is my name, Plate licking is my game! Not to mention more swollen extremities....eeeeew! =)

A month to go & I'm having mixed emotions. I'm not scared....errr...a bit? Or I'm just thinking too much. Anyways, we just hope, Kimi's (yes, we have a name!!) birthday falls on the 7th of July. Easier to remember: 07-07-07. An auspicious date too for the almond eyes!!!!

CS here I come!!

Hubi...S.O.S.! *wink*