Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vertically Challenged

Does height even matter?


I wish I were tall. *sigh* It is the ultimate short girl's dream! 😃 Apparently, I have to accept the fact that this dream is definitely out of reach. Period. I had inherited the "cute" genes. Period. Not complaining; having the height is a plus tho'. I can trample on, look down and bully anybody! *just kidding*

When you're tall, it is easy to choose and shop for clothes, more so, pants. One does not have to alter the length or fold the hem up three-fold as if planting rice was so much fun. One's field of view is always panoramic/ scenic in a Standing Room Only setting. No need to tiptoe to achieve a giraffe's neck. One can reach the topmost shelf inside a store with less effort, that is, without having to empty the lowest shelf and use it as a step board. (I know this is shameful to admit, but that's what I sometimes do). These are only a few of the many reasons why I think being tall is awesome.

Being short, on the otherhand, has also its perks. I don't have to duck, scoot over or slouch when I need to do stuff. I can sneak in/out of somewhere without being noticed. I could be mistaken for a highschooler/teenager which means I look young. 😜 I could buy clothes from the youth section and it will be a tad cheaper. There's too many to mention.

I haven't had any issues with my height, err, the lack of it, not until Kimi asked me why I am short. If only I could say it's because of genes and inheritance. I simply cannot, should not. I had to think of the simplest comprehensible explanation.

So, I told him, I stopped growing because...
...I didn't eat my vegetables, I was a picky eater, I ate unhealthy snacks, drank too much soda and didn't get the right amount of sleep. Phew. Bad Mommy! *smirk* Of course, these are make-believe alibis.

So far, these reasons have become an effective, persuasive tool to alarm him. Surprisingly, he's been more cautious.

Who doesn't want to grow taller, anyway?

Geez, he's catching up! Will I pass for his big sis?

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