Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fixer Upper

Six years had passed. I left this space untouched, unscathed. Many events transpired within that span of time. Social networking was in full swing. The pioneers of social media quit. Facebook reigned. Perhaps, FB was partly to blame for my absence. *wink*

In this day and age, blogging is considered passé, i.e., DEAD. People have no more time...err..patience to read. Long or short. There is no significant difference. So, why the sudden shift? There's still a part of me that misses writing, ranting, rambling, musing. Long or short. It doesn't have to be perfectly written. Long or short.

We'll see how far could I go. Baby steps.. baby steps..

For now, I'm giving myself a pat on my back for a successful makeover. I thought my old layout looked too juvenile/rebellious. Editing the template is not as easy as before tho'. Ahh..those were the days.

Nothing will change. Just tweaking.

Goodbye, dark side!

My old layout


The Nashman said...

Buhay pa naman ang blogging Ateh...yan ang bagong sikritu

En said...

Ay isu? okay, sikrit ngarud.