Friday, July 01, 2016

The Sound of Music.. The Sound of Silence..

My day is not complete without music. As soon as I step in the car, the next thing I do after I start the engine is turn on the audio button. I tune it to my favorite local FM radio station, turn up the volume and sing along at the top of my lungs, like nobody is listening. Err, nobody indeed, 'coz I am alone in the car. I don't have the talent, I just have the guts.....when I am alone.
I love listening to pop, smooth jazz, classics, classical, retro and sometimes rock. Fairly anything that could perk up my spirit. Or anything groovy. I have to have something playing while I am traveling to my destination.
However, I can't stand commercials. I will go up and down the dial 'til I find a station playing a song that suits my taste. One song after another, my fingers don't stop shuffling. I do have a short attention span. But thank heavens, there's Sirius. Seemingly, he is the next best thing after Siri. :)
Through this satellite radio service, I can alternatively listen to commercial-free music from every genre, anytime, anywhere. Yep, that's what the shark fin thingy on the car rooftop is for.
Music does wonders!
THIS article says, 
  1. Music Can Help You Relax
  2. Angry Music Improves Your Performance
  3. Music Reduces Pain
  4. Music Can Give You A Better Workout
  5. Music Can Help You Find Love
  6. Music Can Save A Life
  7. Music Can Improve Your Work — Sometimes
  8. Use Music To Make You Smarter
  9. Music Can Make You A Better Person
Well, I couldn't agree more!

When I'm at work, I become more productive when buds are stuck in my ear. Just me, my music, my world. The youngsters in our group are more like me. The oldies, on the contrary, are not used to it. They work hard in silence. They love peace and quiet. We all respect each other's preferences. 

Oh, wait! I, too, like PEACE and QUIET!

...peace and quiet in our open office environment, while I am confined in my spot listening to some (pleasant) noise that only I could hear.

My 8-yr old, obsolete but reliable iPod nano. Do you like my playlist? LOLz

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