Thursday, July 07, 2016

Oh, boy! It's a Boy!

07/07/07, 7:16am.

The most memorable day of my life.

The judgment day.

The day when this little angel came into our life.

It was a smooth ordeal. He didn't give me a hard time. No pain. No contractions. The last few hours before my scheduled sentence were smooth sailing. I was waiting. I was bored.

Inside the OR, I felt quite nervous. This was it. No more turning back. I saw all the doctors around me. Hubby was there, too. I was prepped for the epidural anesthesia. I curled up. I was poked. It did hurt. But it didn't work. Another time. And it hurt more. I have high tolerance for pain tho'. I didn't complain. I was silent.

I didn't go through the natural way of giving birth. My previous operation prevented me to. It would've been exciting. I think. So, C-Section I go.

I was awake. This green cloth was blocking my view. I heard someone say, the baby couldn't come out. Bunny was stubborn. Yes, Bunny, that's how we called him. A lady doctor said she was going to exert pressure on my tummy to assist the exit. I obliged. I prayed. Finally, after minutes of waiting, the baby was out. I heard him cry, scream. He's here, finally! Bunny was already beside me. They let me kiss him. I was ecstatic.

I was the happiest person inside the room!

I couldn't remember what happened next. All I knew was, I was in another room and hubby was asking if I was fine. Hello, recovery room. I was still groggy to talk. 3, 2, 1.. lights out.

When I awoke, I was back in the room. I was feeling good. No pain, whatsoever. I was waiting for Bunny. I knew he was already in the nursery, post circumcision. I had hoped he was fine.

I couldn't recall what time the nurse brought him in the room. Can't describe the feeling. I held him in my arms. It's mother's instict, I guess. It will come out naturally. Cradling. Sucking. Breastfeeding. What a wonderful feeling!

I wouldn't trade the sentiment for anything in the world.

The peak. The crest. The summit. The culmination.

I am a MOM! ....without a doubt.

That was years ago. Time flies, indeed. Today, we are celebrating his 9th birthday. Please don't grow up too fast, too soon!

Happy birthday, son!

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