Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MRI: first and hopefully my last

Just had my MRI test today. It wasn't scary than I had expected. Had I not been experiencing excruciating pain on my left shoulder/blade and neck, I would have skipped this part. I am nearly done with the steroids but still on Naproxen, a muscle relaxant.

I initially thought I will be carried into a suffocating time capsule, however, the machine looked totally different when I arrived. There's the bed and a fixture overhead beyond the bed. No doughnut hole or any of that sort. The set-up of the room was cozy enough that I'd fall asleep especially with the warm lights on and full blast air-con.

After dressing up and all, the tech let me lie on the bed, positioned my neck on a metal brace, tucked a cushion under my legs, covered me with a thermal blanket, then finally secured the metal brace in front of my face and inserted ear pads so I won't move a single bit. He again asked if I was claustrophobic. I am not.

So in a few minutes, he turned the unit on and the fixture above slid down towards me and stopped halfway. My face was around 6 inches away from the ceiling. Now I have figured why they call it an Open Air MRI coz all my sides are free and the light is still apparent. It seemed as if I was an auto mechanic just checking out the underside of a car. I wasn't worried at all for I know somebody's watching over me.

1, 2, 3, ..and the hammering sounds begun with an interval of 5 minutes. First, a tom-tom drum and drill in unison. Then silence. Followed by a sewing machine and big-ben clock combined. Then, silence. Then comes a slow pounding beat. Then, silence. A few knocks follow. Then silence. These go on and on without a shuffle. It was so annoying that I couldn't fall asleep.

25 minutes had passed and it was over. Thank heavens! That was it? No sweat! ;)

In 2 days, the results will be out. Hopefully, it's nothing serious. Well, I guess, I really am growing old and these symptoms are the aftershocks of how I've spent my life in my younger days, that is, carefree and sometimes careless.

Now, I couldn't afford to abuse my back anymore. It's my bread and butter. *wink*

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