Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Parents

I couldn't explain how delighted we were when Kimi pooped in the toilet for the first time tonight!! :)

Months before, it seemed impossible coz he couldn't keep still on the bowl. The longest time he will sit is roughly 2-3 mins. So, what we did was we have instilled on his mind that he can have any toy he wants if only he will poop in the toilet. And whenever he grabs a toy on the display shelf in the dept. store and we know that he likes it a lot, we will constantly remind him that he can have it once he has pooped in the toilet. This has been our long playing song but it has finally paid off...yipee!! Indeed, it only takes patience...and tons of it.

What we've learned from the entire course is that you can never force a child to do something out of his will nor strictly impose it. Everything happens naturally.

Of course, each parent has his/her own style of raising his/her child. I'm neither in a capacity to claim that our style is right. Well, what's proven effective is to reward your child when he does something right. A hug, a kiss, a pat on the head, a rub on the back, a thumbs-up, a high-five or a piece of candy/chocolate that he enjoys shall suffice. It doesn't have to be great or expensive.

However, there are times when you must also satiate a child's yearning. You will try not to deprive your child but not to a point of over-pampering him. There is always a limit.

...enough of the blabbing. We're just overwhelmed. It's such a simple happening, but we can never trade it in for anything else. Fulfillment to the max! Hopefully, this won't be the last... The list goes on and he still has a lot to go..

Nevertheless, he can now officially go to school come September.. *yey*

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Socraticmom said...

Happy for you Eileen. I can understand how relieving this can be. It took a while for my little one to graduate from toilet training, too. But you are right. Never rush, respect their own time and pace. :)